We specialize in Residential, Residential Strata Complex & Retirement Villages, utilizing High Pressure Rotary Cleaning Technology which provides a Superior Clean to Stencilled Concrete, Stamped Concrete and Brick and Concrete Pavers.
Once the Cleaning Process has been completed we apply Premium Quality Solvent Based Sealers with Slip-Resistant Additives (as required) enhancing the Colour and Protecting the driveway surface from wear and oil penetration. The Sealers also provides an aesthetic benefit to your Driveway by giving the Concrete a visible shine which enhances the street appeal of your property.
As an additional service for extremely worn concrete, we can bring tired driveways back to life with specifically developed Coloured Sealers which penetrate the driveway surface giving you the opportunity to change the colour and look of the driveway all together or just bring back the original colour to your concrete. Coloured Sealers can be ordered to suit the individual colour scheme of your property.
All Decorative Concrete Surfaces require Cleaning and Resealing every two to three years, this maintenance program will ensure your expensive driveway will always look its best.
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